About Me


Little ... Bit About Me

Renee. Arty, crafty, hooker (of the crochet kind).

Mummy to one soon to be six year old boy, and assistant to Mr Raggy Maggie, a two year old Australian magpie. With a fondness for Lindt chocolate and toasted cheese sandwiches. 

I studied Fine Arts, could paint fairly well realism style, but I really took to photography. Even when I was a kid I'd steal my mum's camera and shoot her whole roll of film on the front pink footpath.

I took it up further after moving to Albany in 2009, I shoot with a Canon 70D. And I need more lenses. My loves are macro, portraiture and wildlife. 

When I was little I used to walk my elderly neighbours dog, she would tell me stories of her life on a farm and teach me to crochet long chains. 

I've been crocheting on and off since then. 

Once I started making beanies, I got a lot of interest from people and I got orders, I decided I should formalise the process and created

Little Annie Bird. 



My mum's name was Annette, fondly known as Annie. 

She was a talented artist, loved painting and pottery. 

I used to harass her all the time to draw me horses and trees. 


My mum spent her first 6 years in Port Hedland and the next year or so

in Sister Kate's Childrens Home after being removed from her family. She was fostered out to a couple who I still to this day love with my whole heart and call my nan and pop. 

I remember mum reading me Sally Morgan's book My Place. She was excited reading familiar names of her grandfather and instantly felt a connection to her blood family. We moved to Port Hedland after she reconnected to her family and lived there for 10 years. 

Mum passed away in 2001. 

She never received any accolades for her art. 

So I named my lil business in her honor. 



Mum's spirit bird is the Djitty-Djitty (Willy Wagtail). She always said she felt connected to them. 

My sisters and I have had many freaky experiences with Djitty-Djitty's turning up at odd times when we're all together. Watching us. 

Following us. 

Annie's still with us.