About Me



Renee. Arty, crafty, hooker (of the crochet kind).

Mummy to one soon to be six year old boy, and assistant to Miss Raggy Maggie, a two year old Australian magpie. With a fondness for Lindt chocolate and toasted cheese sandwiches. 

Proud boy and flag


 I grew up in Perth in the 80's. My mother was from the stolen generation and always had a sense of not knowing who she was, she was always searching for her place in the World. I remember her excitement on finding Sally Morgan's book 'My Place' she read me pages of it as she felt a connection to her homeland.  


Eventually we moved to Port Hedland, my mother found her family and visited her homeland of Nullagine. We are Palyku people and proud! 

My mum was also an artist and I've kinda taken after her. I went to art school, I found my passion for photography but I got involved with crochet as a relaxation therapy to help with my anxiety, and my Little Annie Bird was born after my fox and unicorn beanies became popular. 


Why a Blog?

I need a place to write out my thoughts, other than Facebook. And I thought there's a gap in Aboriginal mum's who blog, so I thought I would combine a small shop, my photography and art with the mess that's in my head and hope someone out there connects with what I am about. 

Bestest wishes Nay x